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Ninja Theory says Hellblade is on schedule

Ninja Theory caused a bit of confusion for fans with some unfortunate wording in a tweet that was meant to inform everyone that Hellblade development was moving forward. The tweet, which has since been deleted, said “A vertical slice is … read more

Bring on the Warrior!

I had an urge last night to create a warrior. I’ve played a few low level ones but I always end up deleting for one reason or another. I need a blacksmith, and didn’t feel it would be a good … read more

Heroes of the Storm enters open beta

It’s MOBA time for everyone as Blizzard finally opens up Heroes of the Storm. After a lengthy closed alpha and then beta test which have been running since the start of the year, Blizzard has now opened up Heroes of … read more

Need for Speed rebooted as Need for Speed

  EA has announced Need for Speed, a reboot of – surprise! – the Need for Speed franchise. It’s still early days so there’s a lot we don’t know, but it’s being developed by Ghost Games – the studio formerly … read more

New Features and Areas Are Updated in Aion

  Aion announced a new today that focuses on addressing some of the game’s mechanics based on player feedback and adds incentives for players who have been absent to return to the game. Exclusive content for returning players: New areas … read more